Come On Aussie

Saturday 29th April
G’Day mates Come on down and enjoy a 100 percent tribute to Aussie Rock at Fitzys , Waterford.
A Super tribute “Come On Aussie”
Pays homage to what many Aussies see as the golden years of Australian popular music, with conic Aussie Characters to deliver the message, the “show” is funny and entertaining.
Those from the Baby Boomers & Gen X get a trip back to their glory days, while Gen Y’s get a music history lesson and find out what the “Old man” has been going on about when he fires the Barbie up on the weekend.
A highly accomplished stellar 5/6 piece band, including 2x guitar, bass, drums & keyboards and 6 lead singers,
Come on Aussie can recreate a wide spectrum of classic Australian music with all its original richness.
All the big ones are there:
Jimmy Barnes/INXS/Cold Chisel/Midnight Oil/ AC/DC/Icehouse/Aussie Crawl, Divinyls/Radiators/John Farnham Easybeats to John Paul Young the list goes on.